The Net is Back

I've got the Internet in my house again, so start checking here more often for posts, now that I can write them in my underwear.

Did Ang Li catch the bad end of the Green Destiny?

Seriously, what happened to Ang Li? The man is obviously crazier than a cross-eyed man trying to feed a stick to a possum.

He gave us Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and then he must have had head trauma because everything just went down the crapper since then.

I mean, he screwed up The Hulk. That had to be the easier movie to make cool, but he couldn’t do it.

Now he’s giving up Brokeback Mountian, the movie so gay, it’s called Brokeback Mountain.

My theory is that he originally had the idea for one huge epic moving but had to split it into three because of budget constraints. We can only assume this movie was about some deadly flying redneck who turned gay when he got mad.

Geek on.

Really, I used to be in a band

I was in a band when I was younger. I quit because I couldn't stand sharing a mic with someone else.

Geek on.