Preemptive Critic Red Dawn

So Red Dawn huh?

Seriously, did nobody in marketing not think this name sounds like a 5 Grade girls health video?

Of course not.

Now yes, I do know that this is a re-make. I know that these days re-makes get re-made with no questions re-asked, but really, they probably should.

So North Korea (I think) invades Kentucky (I think) and the rest of America decides we don’t give a crap (I assume). Of course those stupid invaders didn’t know Kentucky is where we keep all our gun worshiping weirdos and our Australian born Norse god of thunder.

Seriously guys, do some research next time. Invade Maine. We’d probably just give it to you, half the people there already think they’re in Canada.

So this movie is obviously pointed at a particular audience. And that audience will friggin’ loves this film. They will also most likely quote it during a political argument.

And I can’t say that I blame them.

This movie as big explosions, big action and a big men making big speeches.

What more do you need to kick off the holiday season?

For making me look forward to being racist. I preemptively hate this movie.