I don't know what ado means either

Part of the fun of being married the the world's cutest foreigner is that I get to learn the English language all over again through teaching it to her. It's fun, although sometimes I have to admit that I don't know as much about my native language as I would think.

For example, today, I realized I don't know what a pass is. Like if there were ever some bad guys getting away, and it fell to me to "cut them off at the pass," I would have to just stand where I was and hope that I was already there.

Geek on.

We all know that green is the bad boy of the colors

So they ran a "meet the editors" thing in the paper today. Not my idea but not my section.

It was very colorful. Mine was on pastel blue.

The manliest of the pastels.

Geek on.

It's never sexy when you know the truth

Guys, if you ever hear a female say to another that she has a nick rack, she’s talking about the vast number of towels she has displayed in an artistic fashion.

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Deoderat Showers FTW

I have a secret.

Lean in close and I’ll tell you.

I didn’t shower this morning. Can you tell?

Actually I’m really mad at myself. My new year’s resolution this year was to shower everyday before I go to work/class and I made it until today. 3 months and change is pretty good but I was so close.

I used to skip my morning shower all the time. I figured the 20 minutes was better spent sleeping than making myself not smell like cesspool. Some days I loved it. I was like a spy. I had a secret and I couldn’t let anyone get close to me or they’d find out. Most days though without a shower to truly wake me up, I’d just stagger around like some walking corpse: The undead – or, more accurately, the unwashed.

Anyway, today’s the one day a week I can get away with it so it’s ok. I’ll get some brains, I mean soap, working for me later.

Geek on.