The answer is right in front of you

I today’s workplace you really need to be careful about what you say. Sexual harassment is a real problem these days and you really need to be careful with it. I’ve all for a fair and comfortable working environment for everyone.

Recently in my office, our editor in chief (who is a woman), basically gave us permission to use the word “rack” while we’re working.

Us guys haven’t said anything else since.

Geek on.


NoRib said...

I work for myself now, however I used to work in a fairly high stress office environment. Sometims that "sexual harrassment" conversation is almost necessary to get through the day. (I used to call my office a living breathing EEOC violation). I think the true difference is whether comments are understand as funny and humorous versus harassing. As Chris Rock said "If Clarence Thomas had been Denzel Washington, we would have never had any hearings...just a giggle with a reply...'pubic hair on the Coke're sooo silly Denzel' "

Steve said...

True enough, I think it really comes down to intent. If you mean to be a jerk or a pervert, that's one thing. Being a guy, somethign else.

Brooke Nelson said...

You and Aaron did seem pretty happy with that conversation. "Rack, rack, rack," as I recall. And I take full blame for starting it. On a semi-same note, maybe not sexual harrassment but definitely gender bias, did I ever tell you about me and Bryan's "yes, ma'am" conversation?