Creepy and now 20% more crawly

Many people think that we are safe here in our little valley, far away from anything that can hurt us. And to a point that’s true, we’re far away from the mummies of Egypt, but we have our own share of creepy crawlies that the rest of the world don’t have to worry about.

For obvious scientific reasons, I divide these into two categories: creepies and crawlies.

There are several things on USU that are flat out creepy. Any of the students who work one of the many “card-swiper” jobs on campus will tell you nothings quite as creepy as when people give them a card that has been in a back pocket so long that it’s taken the exact curvature of the owners butt cheek.

As far as crawlies go, I don’t think there’s anything more crawly in all of Logan than the Box Elder bugs. These little guys are everywhere and beyond the occasional satisfying pop sound, they are completely worthless.

Sometimes when I’m laying on my back trying to sleep, I wonder if anyone has ever filled a box with Box Elder bugs and given it to an LDS missionary.
I hope not.

That would be stupid in, like, six different ways.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha.... Box of Elder bugs...and butt cheeks.