A Bit of a Beat

This is a Geek Beat that I never got the way I wanted. I still like the idea so I'll probably rewrite it. Don't forget to check out the Classic Beats sections for the best of the published columns from last school year.

My original plan today was to write a helpful and useful column about what people can do with their tax returns. It was going to include all kinds of great deals on geeky gadgets, high quality investing tips and how to create cold fusion with a fudgecicle.

Unfortunately it seems I've blown all my tax return on buying forty raw pounds of ninja turtle action figures and Mountain Dew.

So what's a geek to do if he just blew all his cash on bean bag chair full of pudding? Head to the last bastion of free nerd entertainment that's what. I'm talking about the computer labs

I love the computer labs here on campus. They're my geeky paradise. Nothing but wall to wall, T1 goodness.

They're the prefect place to go when you're in college and you're so strapped for cash that's you're watching entire movies in front of the the book store and sometimes you just go into the QuickStop so you can smell the hotdogs and wish.

Computer labs have replaced the library as the place to study on today's modern campuses. No longer to people have to risk nasty paper cuts and actual human contact to get homework done.

All you have to do at the lab is slide yourself into a chair that well worn in all the right places, fire up a few crucial programs, put on your head phones and your just moments away from what scientists refer to as, "the Zone".

You need to be careful though, while you may feel like your in your own little world, your not. You're still in a public access lab and we can still hear you including your singing along to your favorite song and all those embarrassing noises you make.

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