Will work for swag

Starting today this is not the only blog awesome enough to contain my geeky words. I'll now be posting on a regular basis for Digital Strips. Digital Strips is a really, high quality web comic pod cast hosted by The Mighty Zampzon and Daku the Rouge. They've gotten so busy setting up interviews and putting the show together that they longer have time to stay abreast on web comic news.

This is where I will come in. I'll be doing this for them. I'm still not very sure exactly how it's all going to fit together. For what I understand, as I come across web comic related news, I'll be sticking it up on thier site.

This is cool becuase I love web comics and now I have more of a reason to read them. I can also write more, which is always helpful and fun. They said they could also pimp anything of my own which will be nice. I have tried to start a web comic of my own but to no avail as of yet. I have talked to the cartoonist at the paper and we might be putting something together, but that's a ways off I'm sure.

That's all I have for now.

Geek on.


Anonymous said...

I like your page, keep it up. Hey on another tangent: that herbal mole remover works. It removed my moles in three days - no kidding!

Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

Mole remover? Mole remover! Okay this has gotten just a wee bit rediculus. It's time for drastic measure.