Time to face the change or change the face

Alrighty, I’m fighting a massive head-cold with Theraflu as I type this so we’ll see how this goes.

For some reason, these days I almost feel obligated to defend myself for still using Facebook.

I know for some people it is an endless wasteland where productivity goes to die, however for me, it’s a place where I can scroll down for five minutes (max) and get caught up with the lives of pretty much everyone I’ve ever known. I can see their triumphs, their heartaches and quite often, what they had for dinner.

All this, and I don’t have to actually interact with any of them. It’s great.

All that aside, lately on Facebook, I’ve been seeing a lot of messages from people I knew from college talking about how much change has come into their lives since I last saw them.

And I’m not talking about change from their lives in college. If, after six years in the workforce, you’re still eating the same crap, sleeping as little and doing math by hand like you did in school, you’ve failed adulthood. You might as well turn into a senior citizen now.

Just to be clear though, still wearing the same T-shirts is totally kosher. There’s no reason to leave everything behind.

No, what I’m referring to is it seems like a very large percentage of somebodys that I used to know, have gone through multiple careers, relationships and even countries since they graduated.

I can’t say that. I still work at the same company I started at 1 week after graduation. I still drive the same car. I’m (thankfully) still married to the same woman. I even have the same pair of nunchucks.

You’re suppose to upgrade those every two years people.

And so, to make myself feel a bit better about not being a total sell-out to the Lords of Consistency here is a short list of some things that have changed since I wore a silly hat and a dress.

I bought a house and had a child. I know these are cop out, easy answers, but I gotta start somewhere.

Let’s see, what else.

I kinda like rap now.

I’m not nearly as scared of vampires as I used to be.

I’ve learned how to fix a leaky faucet.

My friends say my obsession with randomly quoting Scooby-Doo has gotten much better.

And yep, that’s about it.

In the end, it’s not my fault I turned out this way. When I was in fifth grade the girl of my then dreams wrote in my yearbook “Don’t ever change.”

So I guess I won’t.

Bleeech. The last swig of Theraflu always tastes like burnt death. I’m going to bed.


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