I think about this stuff too much

I thought about giving myself the week off, but I’m going to bust something out because that’s the kind of guy I am. One who fears change.

I got a crap ton of stuff to do today so this won’t be very good I’m afraid.

I saw the movie Brave a while ago. I quite liked, Scottish butt-jokes and all. I thought is was a charming tale properly told full of great lighting effects.

I was a little nervous going into it. I’d heard a lot about how this movie marked the official “Disneyfication” of Pixar. I can see it. It was very much a story you could see Disney telling these days. It had an easily marketable princess main character who was spunky, had the world on her plate, dreamed of more, had a strained parental relationship and great hair.

I can think of another movie that this reminds me of.

That being said, despite the similarities, I actually think Brave is the least Disneyish of the Pixar movies for one very important reason: she had both parents. Think about it. Name a Disney movie where both parents are around the whole time.

Half the main characters in Disney movies are orphans. Mowgli was raised by wolves. Peter Pan by fairies. Christopher Robin by stuffed animals. I’m not even going to go into how many Disney heroes had a parent die as part of the movie (It scares me, maybe I don’t want my son to be a hero).

Now think about Pixar movies. With the exception of the Incredibles, I can’t think of a traditional family until Brave. Nemo’s mom died. We never hear anything about Andy’s dad. Lightning McQueen seem to burst full grown from something somewhere.

And in the Incredibles, they had to have super powers or that dad would have bought it in the first scene.

So yeah. Brave, least Disneyish Pixar movie ever.

Deal with it.

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