I'm against bad sex and swearing in movies. By bad I mean anything that distracts from the actually story or is otherwise unnessicary.

While such decisions are based on my religious beliefs, they do not stand on them alone. I also think the most important part of anyform of entertainment is to tell the story and any that takes away from that is bad.

For example, if the number of purple monkeys distracted from the story, I'd complain about the purple monkeys.

People often retort with stuff like "Sex is part of life. Get theF--- over it."

That's stupid. First off, sex is a part of my life, but it's never advanced the plot.

Second, people taking big stinky craps are part of life. We don't put those in movies do we? No because it offends some, and even those it doesn't offend, it doesn't help them or add anything to their movie experience.

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