Lock it or Lose it?

I was making my way out of the computer lab last night and as I was about to walk down the stair when I noticed a piece of paper stuck in the door of the Linux lab. For some reason I decided to take a look at it.

I took the paper out and read it. It was a notice from Campus Security alerting the computer science department that the door had been left open. This didn't seem that weird, the door was unlocked and it was midnight and that is Campus Security job.

What struck me as weird was the severity of the note. Scrawled acrossed the top were the words "Lock it or Lose it." It went on to say that if the CS department didn't be more responsible, they would lose the privaledge.

It was like a parent threatening to take away their kids puppy if they don't feed it.

My question is, what priveledge? The priveledge of having a door? How are they going to take that away? Remove the door? That'll improve security.

I don't see why they're even that worried. The Linux lab is not very well known. I only found out about it when I took a class in Linux. The computers in the lab don't even boot up into Windows so it's not like the average thief could even use them. They'd just steal it and bring it back later.

Anyway, it nice to know that they care.

Geek on.


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