For being the best in the world, Olympians sure fall a lot

I was watching the Olympics late last night. It was the second showing of women’s aerial competition. I was totally impressed with most of the women’s performances and blow away by all of their guts. That sport takes balls, even if you don’t have them.

They only showed some of the jumpers. The Americans, of course, a few dramatic stories and the women who did perfect jumps. They also chose to play the jump of an athlete from Australia who had a really bad fall.

I’m not talking about a fall where she picks herself up and gives a brave smile knowing she could have done better. This woman was screaming in pain clutching her knee. They never explained exactly what happened but clearly she messed her knee up in the fall.

I felt sick watching it. I felt really bad for her. I’m confused why NBC decided to show this particular jump. I’d never heard of her. I don’t remember her name today. Her story wasn’t particularly interesting and I don’t remember her being about to break any world records or anything. The picked her jump because of the fall.

I can understand NBC’s decision. Monday night’s ice dancing fall-a-thon was the best night of TV ever as far as I was concerned. This was different though.

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