Preemptive Review of 'Snakes on a Plane"

I ******* hate it when some ****** Hollywood producers think that their ****** doesn’t stink and they can make any ***** movie they ***** want.

It’s even ****** worse when they use snakes so ******* fake that it makes “Anaconda” look like ****** Lord of the ***** Rings.

And just a tip to the ****** who put the trailer together, don’t but the ******* ending of the **** movie in the ******* trailer. Where not dumb ******* here. We can ****** figure it out.

With the ****** rules in the ****** airport these days, it would be more like “Snakes in the ***** Security Line to get on the ******** Plane.”

For any *****s out there who don’t ******* know, the phrase snakes of a plane is ***** Internet lingo for something that doesn’t ****** make sense. Just like this ******* movie.

I preemptively ***** hate this ***** movie.

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