Bus Bus Goose

I started riding the bus long before it became cool to do so.

Nowadays, I find myself again not so cool. With gas prices raising faster than ninja at the grocery store, everyone seems to be taking public transportation these days.

Not me, I've been doing it for month, back when I was the only one of the bus and I did just for the satisfaction of looking down on hippies with a “greener than thou” look on my face.

Now the bus is become more and more crowded and every morning, I find myself reliving the nightmare of grade-school Steve, trying to find a seat before the scary bus driver hurls the bus towards the next stop.

It's a horrific labyrinth of people I don't want to sit be: too fat, too scary, too stinky, too female and it's really too much stress for me that early in the morning so I am putting my foot down. I was hear first, so of you are gonna hafta go.

Its for the good of everyone.

Or at least me.

The following people should not be allowed to ride the bus ever.


I'm not talking about the kind of bikers who peddle from their home and the bus stop. Those people are fine so long as then don't stand in front of me in those thing they have the gall to call shorts.

Trust me on this. I wear shorts more than any adult should. I'm almost an expert on shorts. If your pants are so tight your butt hair pokes through, those aren't shorts.

I'm talking about the guys who are so in to their bikes that that

The is nothing scarier than an angry biker. And there's not angrier than a biker forced to used public transportation. So I'm pretty sure that there's nothing scarier than a biker on the bus.

Maybe a clown with a gun that shoots rattlesnakes.

But there would have to be – like – four of them.

Old women who want to talk.

I don't know if they can't read, can't work an iPod or have just been around so long that they've already read and listened to anything but if you put a woman over the age of 70 on some sort of public transportation, and suddenly she really wants to talk with any random stranger who happens to be me.

And the cheaper the form of transportation, the crazier the woman becomes.

On a plane, she wants to talk about her grandkids, which is boring.

On a train, she wants to talk about her cats, which is more boring.

On the bus, she just wants to talk about herself, which is the most boring thing ever, and usually pretty gross because she has all kinds of health problems that she has to show me, some of which kind of make me throw up a little in my mouth.

The guy with the shovel.

I was on the bus a few weeks ago and some dude gets on with a shovel.

He didn't look like a farmer, an archaeologist or Smokey the Bear or anyone else who would have a good reason to have a shovel with them. I tried to come up with a situation that would require digging and an easy, yet anonymous way to get to and from the digging but all I could come up with were shallow graves and

Apparently I wasn't one freaking out about this guy. The biker on the bus shot me one of those “This guy is going to make on of us into ice cream topping,” looks and moved further back in the bus.

Attractive people.

Good looking people have no business being on the bus. You guys make the rest of us feel bad.

Finally, Dark Jedi.

I don't have any good reason. I just hate them so much.

Geek on.

Steve Shinney is a big fan of planes, trains and automobiles. Not the movie, he just like things that go vroooooooooom. Drop him a line below.

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M. Gordon said...

Can I offer a little constructive criticism? I really enjoy your blog posts, man ... good stuff ... but sometimes the humor is cut short by lack of good proofreading. I think your writing would be top-notch humor magic if you just went back and corrected some of the errors.

Keep up the good work, though, my friend. I enjoy reading these.