Sometimes, I fart in the computer lab

So, I'm up to left nut in homework and stuff at work and have obviously not taken this blog very seriously. Here's a couple of updates.

At work:
Only five papes left (that's how we say it, it looks really stupid when I write it) in the semester. We had a meeting today that assigned all the stories for a year. We're looking forward to next semester in which we will include our continual attempt to devl deeper into the lifestyle issues that really matter to students, like obesity, single motherhood and nude modeling.

I also write the preemptive critic every Friday, which is a lot of fun. It's like being a real journalist, without anywork.

Personal life:
As much as I hate to admit it, my wife can totally kick my left and right buttcheek at Doctor Mario. I've come to grips with it by reminding/convincing myself that Doctor Mario isn't a real video game. It helps with the pain.

I actually mentioned this in one of my (obviously) prodominatly male CS class and apparently this is a common occurance in various geeky relationships. My hope is that if I keep letting her beat the everlovin' snickers out of me as Dr. M., sooner or later she'll join me in a game of Heroes of Might and Magic.

Of course, once she beats me at that, our marrage will be in jepordy.

I finally found out what all the "Firefly" buzz is about. It's about the coolest show I've seen in a long time. Over the break I was able to catch an episode and a half. I instant fell in love. For those of you who haven't seen in yet, I understand, it took my a while too, but it's time to repent. Go watch it now. My goal for Winter Break has switch from program my own hexbased turn-based strategy game to rent and watch the whole series.

Random stuff I'm not making up:
My little brother wants my help training to be in the Ultimate Fighting Challenge.

Some girl just asked me if a decade was ten years.

My Mormon problem article has almost 4000 reads now.

I'm too busy to poop somedays.

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