Fantastic Four was well...not bad.

Well, I'm feeling better. Still coughing like a banshee, but that's okay.

Um, I really have no desire to write a full review of the Fantastic Four. I'll just say that I liked it. It wasn't the best superhero movie ever, but it didn't blow any goats.

I was really looking forward to seeing the movie until I saw Batman Begins. Ever since I saw that masterpiece 0f cinema, I was worried that there couldn't possibly be another good comic movie this summer.

The more I waited though, I started to think about it I relized there was a hope. This hope was that they would go for an entirely different purpose. This is exactly what happened. Batman rocks because it reminds us that comic books are a great way to tell indepth and intense story as well as developing better characters than other artforms. Fantastic Four reminds us that reading comics is fun.

That's the word I'd use describe the movie, fun. It's a fun movie. It has a lot of obvious jokes and some more that I wished I'd thought of myself. It's not about deep emotional heroes who use their gifts to make amends to the world, it's about a man who uses his powers to get paper when he's stranded on the toilet.

Go see it. You'll have fun.

Geek on. (I remembered it this time)

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