Reaction to Roger Ebert's Fantastic Four Review

OK, so Roger Ebert, of Ebert and Roper, just really pissed me off. Not only did he hate the Fantastic Four but his gave the lamest reasons ever for feeling so.

First of he called the four second tier superheroes. They were the first superhero team. They are reserved in their world. While the rest of the heroes need to hide behind masks and secret identities, the FF face the world uncovered. They are celebrities and national heroes.

So if this wasn't enough to prove Ebert didn't know what he was talking about he than proceeded to blow me away with his unknowledge (I know it's not a word) of comic books by comparing the Four to other heroes we've already seen.

He compared The Human Torch to the Flash, who hasn't even had a movie recently. Because, you know, fire and going really fast are so close.

The Thing was likened unto Swamp Thing. This one I will give to Ebert, they are both bald, strong and have Thing in their name. That's something, I'll concede that, it's a stupid something, but something nonetheless.

He had the balls to claim Mr. Fantastic was a knock off of the Incredibles. I will stand aside and let all those who know what I'm talking about speak on this issue.

Finally, and most absurd, he said that The Invisible Woman (or girl as she was refered to in the movie) was just like Storm. Storm. Let me say this again, Storm. Storm has the power to control weather. The Invisible Woman can turn, surprisingly enough, invisible and shoot force fields. While I've never understood how those too powers are related, if Mr. Ebert can see how the coincide with weather, he most have had some freaky high pressure fronts where he grew up.

Bare in mind here I'm not saying that Mr. Ebert or anyone has to be an expert in comic books to be a movie critic. But be honest. Don't try to come across like you know a lot about a topic that some one as feeble in knowledge as myself can rant about so easily. Just say you didn't like it. If you have to admit you didn't get it, that's fine too, you're entitled to you opinions and can not like a movie for what ever reason you want.

I for one, really enjoyed the movie as did the twelve or so other people that went with it. I'll give a full review better when I'm no longer suffering from this killer cough that has descended upon me.

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