More thoughts on Star Wars

A common large concern that a lot of die-hard fans have against Episode 3 is the cheesy dialouge that takes place between Anakin and Padme. I thought it was lame and bad when I watched the movie. They laid the shmultz on each over pretty thick. As usually when people talk in movies, I couldn't wait for the next explosion.

Lately, as I've been preparing for my up coming wedding, I've found myself spending a lot of time with my girlfriend. During these times I've noticed our conversations are super lame.

This leads me to believe that this people complaining about the dialouge are tradtional Star Wars geeks who have never had a girlfriend and don't understand that even if you're the chosen one of the Jedi Order, once you're in love, you're a moron.

Star Wars III is awesome. Just deal with in.

And then geek on.

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